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Bringing up kittens in love and harmony, we are trying to give people this love and harmony by means of the kittens which we have reared. 


We are very glad to meet all guests of our site.
The cats accompanied us for all our life. At first, they were simple long-haired cats (so called "from yard"), then Persian ones - classical type "long-nosed".
The cattery started in 1996, when we got the Persian pussy cat with pedigree.
During next 5 years we bought 3 pussy cats and 1 tom cat. Regular personal contact with these interesting lovely animals leaded our hobby to a serious job. Be guided by our experience and supportance of the eminent owners, we registered the cattery "Fluffy Toys" to World Cat Federation in 2001. It is a sweet muzzle`s look and perfect character of our nurselings.
We are breeding Persian and Exotic solid, tabby and bicolors cats. Pedigrees of our animals have the best bloodlines of the famous catteries of Russia and the U.S.A. such as "Baltic Sea", "Light Air", "Prestega" and "Marhei".
We are against of cage`s maitenance, so our kittens are an affectionate ones and they have a steady psychic. When buying the kittens from our cattery, you will bring a calmness and cosyness to your home. You will impel in yourself such feelings as love and kindness towards the nature, animals and people.
You can get more detailed information about persian and exotic cats, about their peculiarities when addressing us. We`ll help you to get a kitten and consult you for the right maintenance and growing it up.

Sincerely yours,
Svetlana & Vadim Ukraev
Owners of "Fluffy Toys Lt" cattery



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